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Begriffe beginnend mit T (Sprache - Kategorie)
Tacchino (it - food/groceries: poultry: turkey)
Tail of rump (en - food/groceries: meat: beef)
Talg (de - food/groceries: cooking fat)
Tallow (en - food/groceries: cooking fat)
Tasmanian cider gum (en - food/groceries: Länderküche: Australien: spices)
Tasmanian pepper (en - food/groceries: Länderküche: Australien: spices)
Tasmanischer Pfeffer (de - food/groceries: Länderküche: Australien: spices)
Tasmannia lanceolata (bot - botanical terms)
Tasmannia species (bot - botanical terms)
Tasmannia stipitata (bot - botanical terms)
Tasmannia xerophila (bot - food/groceries: Länderküche: Australien: spices)
Terroir (en - beverages/drinks: alcoholic beverages: wine)
Tertiary aroma (en - beverages/drinks: alcoholic beverages: wine)
Tetraodontiformes (en - food/groceries: fish: saltwater fish)
Thaleichthys pacificus (zool - zoological terms)
Thick rib (en - food/groceries: meat: beef)
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Thin rib (en - food/groceries: meat: beef)
Thread stage (en - food/groceries: sugar: cold water candy test)
To bread (en - kitchen preparation)
To coat (en - kitchen preparation)
To crumb (en - kitchen preparation)
To cure (en - food preservation)
To lard (en - kitchen preparation)
To poach (en - kitchen preparation)
To purée (en - dish)
To roast (en - kitchen preparation: cooking methods)
To simmer (en - kitchen preparation)
To smoke (en - food preservation)
To strain (en - kitchen preparation)
To trim (en - kitchen preparation)
Toddy (en - beverages/drinks: alcoholic beverages: spirits/liquors)
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Tokay pinot gris (fr - beverages/drinks: alcoholic beverages: wine)
Tomatenpaprika (bot - food/groceries: vegetables: fruit vegetables)
Top round (en - food/groceries: meat: beef)
Top round of veal (en - food/groceries: meat: veal)
Top sirloin (en - food/groceries: meat: beef)
Topfen (de - food/groceries: milk and dairy products: cheese)
Topolino (en - food/groceries: milk and dairy products: cheese)
Topside (en - food/groceries: meat: pork)
Tretrapturus audax (zool - zoological terms)
Triangular cut (en - food/groceries: meat: beef)
Trimming (en - kitchen preparation)
Tropical fruits (en - food/groceries: fruits: tropical fruits)
Trota affumicata (it - food/groceries: fish: fish products)
Trota iridea (it - food/groceries: fish: freshwater fish)
Trotters (en - food/groceries: meat: pork)
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Trucha ahumado (es - food/groceries: fish: fish products)
Trucha arco iris (es - food/groceries: fish: freshwater fish)
True crabs (en - food/groceries: crustaceans)
True Mulga (en - food/groceries: Länderküche: Australien: spices)
Truite arc en ciel (fr - food/groceries: fish: freshwater fish)
Truite fum (fr - food/groceries: fish: fish products)
Truthahn (de - food/groceries: poultry: turkey)
Truthahn Oyster (de - food/groceries: poultry: turkey)
Truthahnbrust (de - food/groceries: poultry: turkey)
Truthuhn (de - food/groceries: poultry: turkey)
Tuak (en - beverages/drinks: alcoholic beverages: spirits/liquors)
Tuba (en - beverages/drinks: alcoholic beverages: spirits/liquors)
Turkey (en - food/groceries: poultry: turkey)
Turkey Back Meat (en - food/groceries: poultry: turkey)
Turkey breast (en - food/groceries: poultry: turkey)
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Turkey Leg (en - food/groceries: poultry: turkey)
Turkey Oyster (en - food/groceries: poultry: turkey)
Turnip (en - food/groceries: vegetables: tuber vegetables)
Turnip broccoli (en - food/groceries: vegetables: stem vegetables)
Turnip greens (en - food/groceries: vegetables: leaf vegetables)
Turnip tops (en - food/groceries: vegetables: leaf vegetables)

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