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The deboned breast muscle (without skin) of turkeys is sold as turkey breast. The breast consists of the large main muscle and a small muscle that is sometimes called turkey filet or tenderloin. The filet is no separate anatomical part or meat cut as it is in other animals (see also: butcher's meat). Through the middle of the filet runs a tendon. If this tendon is removed with a vertical cut, two smaller pieces are obtained that can be used for pretty butterfly steaks, Geschnetzeltes or goulash.

Turkey breast meat contains 24 percent protein and 2 percent fat, which makes it the leanest part of the turkey. The breast meat is suited excellently for the preparation of dishes that are fried for a short time, such as Schnitzel or Geschnetzeltes. Slices or cubes from the large breast muscle can well be used for rouladen or lean goulash. The protein-rich meat is also well suited for forcemeats, the preparation of terrines or pies.

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