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Quark is a German fresh cheese similar to cream cheese that is produced by high-technology dairies. The defatted and pasteurised milk is fermented by lactic acid bacteria and rennet. The whey is separated from the fresh cheese by centrifugation. To enrich the obtained low-fat quark until the desired fat content is reached, cream is now added. The quark is then stirred until creamy and packed.

Especially in low-fat quark the dry matter is low and the liquid content high. It has a low absolute fat content but is high in milk protein.

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Synonyms for quark in Germany and Austria

In Germany quark has many regional synonyms: Klatschkäse in the Rhine region, Sibbkäs in Hesse, Luckeleskäs in Württemberg, Bibbeleskäs in Baden, Glumse in East Prussia and Matz in central Germany. In Austria quark is mostly called Topfen.

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