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foodlexicon is the english version of the german webpage the german version of foodlexicon. foodlexicon is a reference work for common and exotic foods with many preparation tips – detailed and up-to-date as no other online-dictionary before. It gives an overview of available products and their production. Its current focus is on vegetables, milk, milk products, cheese, sugar, honey, edible fats, meat, poultry, nutrients, wine and the conservation of food.

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For a world without hunger and poverty

For a world without hunger and poverty foodlexicon likes to introduce the Deutsche Welthungerhilfe German world hunger help organisation to you. Please visit its homepage and read about their latest activities, tasks and goals and how the organisation works.

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The translation of foodlexicon is still in progress. We would like to improve our page! If you find any mistakes in our articles, please let us know about it. Your help is very much appreciated!

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