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Tallow is a rendered butcher fat made from the fatty parts of beef or mutton. The fat is hard at room temperature and not spreadable. Its texture is crumbly. It is grated or pieces are shaved off with a knife. Tallow has a high melting point that lies around 40 to 45°C. Depending on the amount of Carotin in the feed of the cattle tallow has a grey-whitish to yellowish colour.

For years tallow has not been used much in kitchens at home. In several, industrially produced foods it finds its way to our households nonetheless. Short pastry and puff pastry as well as plum pudding and mincemeat are often produced with tallow. For the production of some margarine varieties the so-called oleomargarine, a fat with a low melting point, is made from beef tallow.

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Other butcher fat varieties

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