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Index - Food and drinks with I

Begriffe beginnend mit I (Sprache - Kategorie)
Ilkurta (en - food/groceries: Länderküche: Australien: vegetables)
Inca gold (en - food/groceries: vegetables: leaf vegetables)
Indica group (en - food/groceries: rice)
Indica rice (en - food/groceries: rice)
Indica rice (en - food/groceries: rice)
Indisches Huhn (de - food/groceries: poultry: turkey)
Indo-Pacific sailfish (en - food/groceries: fish: saltwater fish)
Insecticides (en - agriculture)
Instant rice (en - food/groceries: rice)
Ipomoea batatas (bot - botanical terms)
Ironbarks (en - food/groceries: Länderküche: Australien: spices)
Irrigated rice (en - food/groceries: rice)
Istiophoridae (zool - zoological terms)
Istiophorus albicans (zool - zoological terms)
Istiophorus americanus (zool - zoological terms)
Istiophorus platypterus (zool - zoological terms)
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Italian chicory (en - food/groceries: vegetables: leaf vegetables)
Italian Pasta (en - food/groceries: pasta)
Italian turnip (en - food/groceries: vegetables: stem vegetables)
Italienischer Brokkoli (de - food/groceries: vegetables: stem vegetables)

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