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Sémillon is an old white grape variety. Its main growing area is in Southern France, especially in the Bordeaux region. Mixed with the grape variety Sauvignon blanc it produces the famous Sauternes wines and Barsac wines. Sémillon is also grown in several South American countries, in South Africa, Australia, Georgia, Turkey and Israel. The origin of the Sémillon grape is unknown.

Sémillon grapes are very particular in their climatic requirements. Where those requirements are met, they produce large crops without quality loss and are not prone to diseases. Their skin is very thin though, and noble rot (Botrytis cinerea) may occur.

Sémillon wines are low in acidity and for that reason often used in cuvées, for example in combination with Sauvignon blanc or Chardonnay. It plays an important part in sweet wines like Sauternes. The best known wine made from Sémillon is probably Chateau d´Yquem.

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