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Anchovies are saltwater fish in the family of Clupeiformes. Their slender body is flattened at the sides. Their back is dark green-blue coloured. Towards the belly it changes to silver. A lateral line is not visible but at their flanks a silvery longitudinal stripe is visible. Anchovies may grow up to 20 cm long. Anchovies are found in every ocean of the world. Several geographically distinct species can be distinguished. In the North Atlantic they may be caught from West Africa to Norway, they live in the Mediterranean, in the Black Sea and in the Sea of Azov. Anchovies are abundant at the coasts of Portugal, Spain and Italy.

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Use of anchovies

Most anchovies are sold tinned. They are popular in salt or oil and are in both cases simply called anchovies. Other products are anchovy paste and rolled anchovies. The meat of anchovies is intensive in taste and is exceptionally well suited for deep-frying and frying. If prepared right it may become a real delicacy.

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