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Anchovy butter is a fish product made from cured anchovies or anchovy paste and butter or clarified butter. No minimum quantity of anchovies is specified, as long as there is a noticeable taste of anchovies.

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Preparation of anchovy butter


To prepare anchovy butter soaked salt anchovies are chopped to a fine paste. This paste is mixed with softened butter and rubbed through a frame sieve. Finely chopped chives may be added to the butter mixture. It may be used as a spread on fresh dark rye bread.

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Use of anchovy butter

To use anchovy butter as a spread take it out of the refrigerator early, so it can soften and develop its full aroma. Anchovy butter may also be used to mount sauces and soups. For this purpose it should be very cold. The cold butter is stirred into hot soup or sauce that does not boil anymore. Otherwise the fat in the butter forms grease drops on the liquid.

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