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The Lumpsucker or lumpfish (zool.: Cyclopterus lumpus) belongs to the family of Cyclopteridae in the order of Scorpaeniformes. They are closely related to snailfish, which are sometimes included in the same family. Lumpfish have a plump, rounded body with small bony tubercles or lumps. Their colour ranges between dark grey, bluish and black. Four rows of spines run across the back. The dorsal fins are covered with a thick skin, pelvic fins have evolved into adhesive disc that the lumpsucker uses to cling to bottom.

Lumpsuckers are up to 60 cm long and are native to the coastal waters of the North Atlantic. They live close to the bottom and feed on comb jellies, small fish, and crustaceans.

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Use and preparation of lumpfish

Lumpfish meat contains a lot of water and is not very popular. In Northern European countries it is available fresh, smoked and salted. Fresh lumpsucker tastes best when breaded and fried. Lumpsucker is better known for its roe that is processed to lumpsucker caviar.

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