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Coho salmon, also called silver salmon (lat.: Oncorhynchus kisutch), is a fish in the salmon family. The skin of this salmon is silver, speckled with black spots and many small scales. Its back is dark grey with a slight green or brown tinge. The sides are lighter grey and the belly almost white with a silver shine. A thin darker line runs across the sides. As with all salmon fish, a characteristical fat fin lies between the dorsal and caudal fin. Coho salmons weigh 3.5 kg on average.

Coho salmons live in the Pacific Ocean. They can be found in the Arctic Ocean as well as on the coast lines of Asia, North and South America.

In the wild Coho salmons are overfished and cannot satisfy the large demand. Most silver salmons for sale are raised in aquacultures in Canada. Today they are farmed in European lakes as well.

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Use and preparation of Coho salmon

Coho salmons are high quality salmons and very popular in gastronomy. Their meat is firm and well suited for frying, poaching, smoking and salting.

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