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The brown trout (lat.: Salmo trutta lacustris and trutta fario) belongs to the botanical family of Salmonidae or salmon-like fish. It is one of the most common trouts used as a food fish and belongs to the same species as the sea trout. The major difference between the two is that brown trouts live mainly in freshwater, while the sea trout migrates to the ocean. Brown trouts are native to Europe and Asia. Salmo trutta lacustris lives mainly in Northern Europe, especially Scandinavia, Scotland, Ireland but also in the Alps up to 1800 m. It prefers large, deep lakes rich in oxygen and only migrates into rivers or streams to spawn. Salmo trutta fario lives mainly in streams and rivers and prefers colder water. Brown trouts may grow up to 1,40 m and 20 kg. In smaller streams mature brown trouts of only 1 kg are common though. Their body is sturdy and compact. As with all Salmonidae a characteristical fat fin lies between the dorsal and caudal fin.

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Preparation of brown trouts

The meat of brown trouts is light in colour and has a firm consistency. It is well suited for frying, boiling au bleu and smoking.

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