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Soybean oil is a vegetable oil, made from soybeans, the seeds of the soy plant. Soybean oil is one of the most common oils used in the production of margarine, for cooking oils, baking fat and frying fat.

Soybeans do not have a high fat content. The oil is a by-product of soybeans grown as animal feed. Large amounts of soybeans are grown in Middle and North America as well as in East Asia. Because of its low fat content soybeans are not cold-pressed. The yield of this method is too low. Soybean oil is solvent-extracted and refined. Nonetheless soybean oil has a high content of valuable unsaturated fatty acids of up to 62%. Linoleic acid amounts to up to 52% of it.

Soybean oil has a mild taste and light yellow colour. These properties make it an ideal raw material for the production of mixed vegetable oils.

Soybean oil is suited for all preparation methods and foods.

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