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Syrup or sugar syrup are the terms used to describe thick sugar solutions. They result from sugar being solved in water, fruit juice or plant extracts or from boiling sugar beet juice until it is reduced to syrup.

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Syrup varieties

  • Rock candy syrup is a supersaturated pure sugar syrup that is used for the production of rock candy.
  • Fruit syrup is a thick fruit juice that is obtained through solving sugar in cold juice or with short heating. It should not contain more than 65% sugar. It is used for the production of lemonades.
  • Glucose syrup (also called starch syrup) may be produced from the starch contained in potatoes, corn or sweet potato. It is used in confectionary.

Carob syrup is a syrup produced from carob. In some countries where carob trees are grown it is used to conserve other fruits.

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