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Silvaner or Sylvaner is a white grape variety that developed from a natural cross of Traminer and another white grape variety from Austria. This might have happened as early as 2000 years ago since a Latin source (Pliny the Younger) describes a grape variety with the exact same qualities. Silvaner is grown mostly in Germany, where it occupies 5% of the total wine growing area. There are large regional differences though, with the largest Silvaner growing areas being in Franconia and Rhine-Hesse. In Austria, Switzerland and France (Alsace) Silvaner is also of some importance.

Wines made from Silvaner are often subtle and mild with low acidity and are thus best for the production of dry wines. Silvaner wines go well with asparagus, boiled or steamed poultry and fish. Their character depends more on the soil than it does with most other grape varieties.

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