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Begriffe beginnend mit F (Sprache - Kategorie)
Falsche Sardine (de - food/groceries: fish: saltwater fish)
Falscher Kaviar (de - food/groceries: fish: fish products)
Faraona (it - food/groceries: poultry: guinea fowl)
Fat content (en - food/groceries: milk and dairy products)
Fat end (en - food/groceries: meat: beef)
Feigentraube (de - beverages/drinks: alcoholic beverages: wine: Rebsorten)
Feldhuhn (de - food/groceries: poultry: partridge)
Fermented herring (en - food/groceries: fish: fish products)
Fermented milk (en - food/groceries: milk and dairy products)
Fett (de - food/groceries: cooking fat)
Fibra alimentare (it - nutrition science: nutrients)
Fibra diettica (es - nutrition science: nutrients)
Fibres alimentaire (fr - nutrition science: nutrients)
Fischeier (de - food/groceries: fish: fish products)
Fish crabmeat (en - food/groceries: fish: fish products)
Fish eggs (en - food/groceries: fish: fish products)
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Fish halves (en - food/groceries: fish)
Fish rolls (en - food/groceries: fish: fish products)
Fitweed (en - food/groceries: vegetables: stem vegetables)
Flat cut (en - food/groceries: meat: beef)
Flat-leaf spinach (en - food/groceries: vegetables: leaf vegetables)
Fleischhähnchen (de - food/groceries: poultry: chicken)
Foie gras (en - food/groceries: poultry)
Fore shank of veal (en - food/groceries: meat: veal)
Forest berry herb (en - food/groceries: Länderküche: Australien: spices)
Frankenriesling (de - beverages/drinks: alcoholic beverages: wine)
French partridge (en - food/groceries: poultry: partridge)
French vegetable soup (en - dish: soups: vegetable soups)
Freshwater fish (en - food/groceries: fish: freshwater fish)
Friarielli (en - food/groceries: vegetables: stem vegetables)
Frizzante (en - beverages/drinks: wine: wine)
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Früchte (de - food/groceries: fruits)
Fruchtpulpe (de - food/groceries: fruits: fruit products)
Frühkartoffeln (de - food/groceries: potatoes and potato products)
Fruit (fr - food/groceries: fruits)
Fruit pulp (en - food/groceries: fruits: fruit products)
Fruit sour milk drinks (en - food/groceries: milk and dairy products)
Fruit syrup (en - food/groceries: sugar)
Fruit (en - food/groceries: fruits)
Fruta (es - food/groceries: fruits)
Frutta (it - food/groceries: fruits)
Fudge stage (en - food/groceries: sugar: cold water candy test)
Fumage (fr - food preservation)
Funghi (it - botanical terms)
Fungi (bot - food/groceries: mushrooms)
Fungicides (en - agriculture)
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Fungus (en - food/groceries: mushrooms)
Füszeres Szilvani (hu - beverages/drinks: alcoholic beverages: wine)

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