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Index - Food and drinks with D

Begriffe beginnend mit D (Sprache - Kategorie)
Danish caviar (en - food/groceries: fish: fish products)
Deckle (en - food/groceries: meat: beef)
Degree Oechsle (en - beverages/drinks: alcoholic beverages: wine)
Delmonico steak (en - food/groceries: meat)
Desert raisin (en - food/groceries: Länderküche: Australien: spices)
Deutscher Kaviar (de - food/groceries: fish: fish products)
Dietary fibers (en - nutrition science: nutrients)
Dinde (fr - food/groceries: poultry: turkey)
Dindon (fr - food/groceries: poultry: turkey)
Dindonneau (fr - food/groceries: poultry: turkey)
Diploglottis cunninghamii (bot - food/groceries: Länderküche: Australien: vegetables)
Directions for the use of foodlexicon (en - NIX)
Dolcificanti (it - food/groceries: food additives: artificial sweeteners)
Dolly Varden (en - food/groceries: fish: freshwater fish)
Dom Prignon (de - beverages/drinks: alcoholic beverages: sparkling wine)
Donnia (en - food/groceries: vegetables: stem vegetables)
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Dorrigo pepper (en - food/groceries: Länderküche: Australien: spices)
Dorrigopfeffer (de - food/groceries: Länderküche: Australien: spices)
Drachenkopfartige (de - food/groceries: fish: saltwater fish)
Dried unsalted cod (en - food/groceries: fish: fish products)
Drimys stipitata (bot - botanical terms)
Drimys xerophila (bot - food/groceries: Länderküche: Australien: spices)
Drupes (en - food/groceries: fruits: stone fruits)
Dry (en - beverages/drinks: alcoholic beverages: sparkling wine)
Dry wine (en - beverages/drinks: alcoholic beverages: wine)
Dryandra (en - food/groceries: Länderküche: Australien: honey)

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