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Cultured yeasts or pure yeasts are yeast strains cultured and optimised for certain uses. They only consist of one strain of yeast and do not contain mould, bacteria or other yeasts.

Cultured yeasts are supposed to change a food positively. Natural or wild yeasts always consist of a mixture of different yeast strains. Each strain has its own characteristics and effects foods in different ways. When wild yeasts are used in food production it is unknown which strain will reproduce fastest and what the effect on the food will be. Quality, smell and taste of the finished product may vary and are basically left to chance. In professional food production cultured yeasts are used to prevent this. A yeast strain is selected depending on the purpose and desired outcome and does not have to compete with other yeasts.

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Types of cultured yeasts

Depending on their use and character yeasts are separated in several subcategories:

  • wine yeast
  • brewing yeast
    • top-fermented yeast
    • bottom-fermented yeast
  • baker's yeast
  • active dry yeast
  • liquid yeast
  • compressed yeast

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