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Cream soups are thickened soups. Just like velouté soups they are made from a liason sweated in fat, stock and a cooked main ingredient that is responsible for the flavour. Real cream soups are always finished with cream only. See also Preparation of velouté soups.

Where the thickener of a soup is also the flavour-imparting main ingredient, the typical taste is maintained best when the soup is finished with cream. Thickening and at the same time flavour-imparting are oats, barley, Grünkern (unripe spelt), semolina and pearl barley.

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Examples for cream soups are

  • Cream of artichoke soup, fr.: Crème Georgette
  • Chicken cream soup, fr.: Potage crème de volaille
  • Semolina soup, fr.: Crème de semoule
  • Grünkern cream soup, fr.: Potage crème blé vert
  • Barley cream soup, fr.: Crème Hamilton
  • Tomato cream soup, fr.: Crème de tomates

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