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Cold-pressed rapeseed oil is a high-quality oil made from rapeseed and is a special oil. The rapeseed is dried and its husks removed. The husks and kernels are then processed separately.

From the kernels a high-quality rapeseed oil is produced through true cold pressing. Its sensorial characteristics and nutrient content is equivalent to the best olive oils, in some aspects it is even better. Its taste is nutty and differs highly from regular rapeseed oil, which is usually almost neutral in taste. Its colour is golden. Cold-pressed rapeseed oil is only filtered, refinement is not necessary.

To be able to call an oil cold pressed producers only have to fill the presses with cold rape. During pressing the temperature within the press may easily reach 55 °C or more. For the high-quality oil described in this article the temperature should not rise above 40 °C. Regulations for olive oils are different and usually stricter.

The whole production process is remarkable. After the high-quality rapeseed oil mentioned above has been obtained, a second pressing produces oil that may be used as animal feed or bio-degradable lubricant or fuel. The husks are removed from the oil cake to produce further animal feed. From the oil that is left in the husks, process heat and electricity are produced. A superior product is therefore produced in an environmentally sound and sustainable way.

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