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Roe is the ripe egg mass of fish and some other marine animals that has not yet been spawned. Roe is mostly salted, sometimes also smoked. Real caviar is processed and salted roe from sturgeons. Roe of lumpsuckers, Gadiformes (cod) and herrings is used for the production of caviar substitutes.

Roe is rich in nutrients. It contains high amounts of vitamins, for example vitamin B12, D, E and niacin. It has also a considerable amount of the mineral iodine.

Roe of lobster and other crustaceans as well as the coral coloured egg-sack of scallops is called corail.

White or soft roe has nothing to do with real roe but is the seminal fluid or milt of fish. Herring milt is for example used in Russian cuisine.

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