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Mutton loin, fr.: selle de mouton

Lamb loin is a meat cut of lamb. In some countries such as Australia it is divided into eye of loin, which is closer to the rump, and loin, which is closer to the shoulder. The tenderloin is usually part of the loin. In most countries the loin is considered to be the whole part between the leg and the neck.

Lamb loin

Lamb loins of larger animals is mostly split and cut in small portions such as roasts, racks, cutlets or steaks before it is sold. Only the loins of young and small animals are sold in one part as a double loin.

If you have the opportunity to buy a whole double loin you should go through the trouble of deboning it so that both loins are still attached by the outer back fat layer. The loins are then rolled and bound with kitchen string every two to three centimetres. This roll may be prepared as a roast or cut into slices and fried or grilled as steaks or cutlets.

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Lamb may be cut into the following parts:

  • breast
  • flank
  • tenderloin
  • neck
  • neck fillet roast
  • shank
  • leg
  • loin chops
  • best end neck
  • crown roast
  • shoulder

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