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Rosé wine is a light red to honey-coloured wine pressed from red grape varieties. The crushed must is only fermented for a short time, until the wine has the light colour of rosé. Then it is processed and fermented like white wine. Rotling and Schillerwein have a similar colour but are actually not rosé wines. The Austrian wine called Schilcher on the other hand is a rosé wine. Rosé choice wines of specific growing regions can also be called Weißherbst.

In Austria rosé wine is often called Gleichgepresster.

Süßdruck is the name for rosé in the German speaking part of Switzerland. Rosés made of Pinot noir grapes are called Œil de Perdrix – partridge eye – in the Romandy (French speaking part of Switzerland).

While European rosé wines are usually medium dry or dry, most American rosés are medium sweet or sweet.

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