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Pureed soups or Potages purées are soups, that are thickened through pureeing their main ingredients.

Main ingredients for most pureed soups are pulses, vegetables or potatoes. Those ingredients define the type, taste and the thickness of the soup. While pulses have a relatively high proportion of starch and are enough to thicken a soup, vegetable or potato soups sometimes need further binders such as wheat flour or rice flour. Cooked soups are often mounted with butter or refined with fresh, chopped herbs, cream and/or a liaison.

Some well known pureed soups are:

  • Farmhouse vegetable soup, fr.: Purée paysanne
  • Green pea soup, fr.: Purée Saint Germain
  • Potato soup, fr.: Purée Parmentier
  • Carrot soup with rice, fr.: Purée Crécy au riz
  • Potage Malakoff or Purée Malakoff

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