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Pedro Ximénez is a white wine variety and after Palomino the second most important variety for the production of sherry. It is therefore mostly grown in Spain, especially in Andalusia, the Extremadura and on the Canary Islands. From the white grape very sweet, dark brown to blackish looking wines are produced. Their aroma reminds of caramel. One sherry variety, made from Pedro Ximénez to a large extend, also bears its name. Pedro Ximénez grapes are furthermore used for Malaga wine.

A Spanish legend claims that the name of the grape comes from a German by the name of Peter Siemens, supposedly introducing the grape from the Netherlands to Spain.

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Synonyms for the grape Pedro Ximenés

The grape Pedro Ximénez has many synonyms. Among them are: Alamis, Alamis de Totana, Myuskadel, Pasa Rosada de Malaga, Pedro, Pedro Khimenes, Pedro Jiménez, Pedro Ximen, Uva Pero Ximen, Ximen, Ximenecia and Ximénez.

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