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Pectin is the generic term for a group of soluble dietary fibres and is used in cuisine as a binder. Pectin is contained in terrestrial plants and, along with cellulose, assumes important stabilizing functions within the plant, binding cells together and regulating the water in the plant. As food additive pectin has the International number E 440.

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Production of pectin


Pectins are produced from orange peels and pomace from the production of apple juice or apple wine. Single pectins have different characteristics such as gelling time or gelling properties.

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Use of pectin

As dietary fibres pectines have certain characteristics beneficial to health. As food additives they are considered safe and can be added in any amount. They are for example used for the industrial production of tomato sauce, jam, marmalade, mayonnaise, milk products and low-calorie foods. At home pectin is mostly needed for the preparation of jams or jellies. Pectin is an essential part of gelling sugar, flan jelly and some custard powders. In larger supermarkets pectin can also bought as a liquid or powder.

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