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Roasters or poulards are young chicken that weigh more than 3 pounds. While smaller chicken with a weight of less than 3 pounds are sold as broilers, roasters can reach a weight of 6 or 7 pounds. They live for 10 to 12 weeks.

Like younger chicken, roasters develop their delicate aroma best, when they are grilled. They should be seasoned with a mixture of salt, white pepper and rose paprika and baked in an oven at 180 to 190°C for about 90 minutes until they are golden-brown and crispy. About 20 minutes before the cooking time ends, top heat should be turned on for a crispy skin.

Roasters should be tied up, before they are cooked, so they keep their shape better and brown evenly during frying.

Most animals are sold whole without neck and gizzards. This is called WOG (WithOut Gizzards). Chicken with gizzards are also available.

If no whole chicken is needed, it is possible to buy only chicken parts. No matter if breast, leg or wing, chicken parts are perfect for frying, grilling, or stewing. Gizzards alone are also available fresh or frozen.

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