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Vegetable margarine is sold in three different varieties:

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Vegetable margarine:

Is a margarine that must consist to 97 percent of vegetable fats. More than 50 percent of the fatty acids have to be in their natural condition. The share of essential linoleic acids has to be at least 15 percent.

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Vegetable margarine made from one plant:

The fat content of this margarine must consist to at least 97 percent of fat from only one plant. It may be named according to the used vegetable oil. One example is margarine made from pure sunflower oil.

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Vegetable margarines rich in linoleic acids:

The most important feature of this margarine is its high proportion of the essential linoleic acid. It must have a minimum of 30 percent linoleic acid. These margarine varieties often contain the fat-soluble vitamins A, D and E. The amount of vitamins added is regulated and must be stated on the label.

Fatty acids are sensitive to heat and should therefore not be used for frying, baking or cooking. Vegetable margarine that is rich in linoleic acid should only be used for cold dishes.

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