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Palomino is a Spanish white grape variety that is of special importance for the production of Sherry and related wines. It is also called Listan or White French in South Africa. More than half of the worldwide growing area of Palomino lies in Spain, especially in the Sherry-producing area around Jerez de la Frontera. In Spain it is also grown in D.O. Condado de Huelva and on the Canary Islands. Other important growing areas are in South Africa, France, Argentina, Australia, USA (California), New Zealand and Cyprus.

The grapes have high demands on the quality of the earth. It has to be warm and dry, when too humid they are susceptible to mildew. Classic wines made from Palomino are low in acidity but at the same time of indistinct taste and aroma. Only oxidation of the wines leads to products such as sherry, Rancio and similar fortified wines.

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