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Order of keywords in the index

Keywords are listed alphabetically. Umlauts (ä, ü, ö) are filed as regular vowels. Therefore a possible order would be
Oleaginous fruit,
Olive oil and
Olmützer Quargel.

You will find the superordinate category behind each keyword in brackets. Where one word can have several meanings, those categories are also used to file keywords alphabetically. A possible order would be
Filet (meat: beef),
Filet (meat: veal),
Filet (meat: lamb),
Filet (meat: pork),
Filet (poultry: chicken) and
Filet (poultry: turkey).

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Using the search function

The search function makes it possible to see all hits for one search term at a glance. Since hits depend on the used search term, you should follow some rules to get satisfying results:

  • Special characters (i.e.: ä, ü, ß or à) have to be typed in as such.
  • To get the highest possible amount of hits you can type in "oultry" instead of "poultry" or "aviar" instead of "caviar".
  • If you are not sure how your search term is spelled correctly, only type in those parts of which your are sure. For example: "olea" instead of "oleaginous"

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Links and cross references

Cross references are orange terms that change colour to white with a dark grey background whenever you cross them with your mouse. Links to extern URLs are marked with "" and always open up in a new window. Cross references within foodlexicon open up in the same window. Since Lebensmittellexikon ( is the main and reference page for all translations published within, navigation between both URLs is programmed in a way so you will not notice whenever you change between those URLs.

For all links on foodlexicon leading to extern pages, the following declaration shall be valid: For the content of linked pages (URLs) the operator of these pages shall be liable. Please also read our disclaimer disclaimer about links to extern pages!

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AD   Anno Domini
BC   Before Christ
bot.   botanical
ca.   circa
chem.   chemically
cm   centimeter
de.   German
en.   English
es.   Spanish
etc.   et cetera
fr.   French
i.e.   that is
it.   Italian
kcal.   kilocalorie
kJ   kilojoule
kg   kilogramm
km/h   kilometer per hour
lat.   latin
min.  minimum
mm   millimeter
ppm   parts per million
pt.   Portuguese
q.v.   quod vide (which see or see also)
span.   spanish
zool.  zoological

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